Founder Pandora Ho

TEADDICT®  DIY HK Style Milk Tea was found by a HK girlPandora Ho in 2013. Pandora has been sent to Sri Lanka to study a 3-month-course of tea. During the time she has visited many tea gardens, tea factories, tea auction house and learned lots of tea knowledge. She first met her current partner Lashan and acquired tea trade operation and tea blending knowledge.


Since 2015 TEADDICT® has co-operated with the tea gardens in Sri Lanka. Directly imported blended tea from the tea gardens.  TEADDICT® firstly launched filter drip black tea and sold it in department stores.


In 2016  TEADDICT®  was the first HK brand to launch mini cotton tea strainer which allowed customers to follow the most authentic brewing method of HK milk tea. Later it obtained the Certificate of Registration of Design in 2018.


In 2017 the founder developed its own factory in HK.  TEADDICT®  worked along with its partners in Sri Lanka, directly imported the raw materials from tea gardens and blended the tea in HK. Now from production to packaging the product is 100% made in Hong Kong. Then it launched the “Parcel Edition DIY Set”, which included a packet of tea base and the full set of DIY tools (contains a mini teapot, a mini tea strainer, a milk pot and a measuring spoon with clip) became the bestselling item of the year!

Nowadays  TEADDICT® is available in the many tourist spots in Hong Kong and overseas customers can purchase from its own e-shop.